Knowledge Finder

Superior information management

Our world runs on documents. Yet, searching and extracting information from documents remains a painful, tedious process. Knowledge Finder changes this. It is an easy-to-use, intelligent research partner.

Key Features

Find Answers Immediately

With Knowledge Finder, it takes mere minutes to create a library, upload documents, and start engaging with them through intelligent search or chat. You can ask your library questions in whatever ways make sense to you.

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Key Features

Accelerate Your Workflow

Move from source documents to deliverable faster than ever. Knowledge Finder doesn't just find information—it also prepares it for you, summarizing key findings, creating detailed outlines, or data that you can plug in to deliver your next report or presentation.

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Key Features

Maximize Knowledge Value

Knowledge Finder supports multiple document formats (e.g., PDFs and PowerPoints), making it easy to transform your library of files into powerful knowledge resources.

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Supercharge Your Research Potential with Knowledge Finder

Maximize Time

Eliminate long hours of document review. Get straight to the heart of your research with answers when you need them, freeing up valuable time for deeper analysis and strategic planning.

Elevate Productivity

With Knowledge Finder, your insights are not just discovered; they're ready to be shared. Summaries, outlines, and analysis prepared on the fly, enabling a quick transition from research to impact.

Take Control

Knowledge Finder's engineering is grounded in scientific principles. It is an AI-powered tool that gives you control over the quality of the output.

“Fundamentally, we want it to be practical, something that NIDA or a state government official or somebody new to the research or someone much deeper on one end of the neighborhood versus the other could use.”
Dr. Joshua Lee
Professor at NYU in Population Health and Medicine
"We’ve worked with other science and analytics companies, but none of them have the spark that Prism does."
Head of Global Innovation
Top 10 Pharma Company
"We already spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research. Prism helps us get more value of it."
VP of Market Access
Top 3 Pharma Company

Uncovering promising new hypotheses for treating Alzheimer's

The story of how we worked with Genentech to develop a new domain-agnostic, AI-powered workflow that uncovered promising, underexplored ideas for treating Alzheimer's Disease.


Turn healthcare data into clear, actionable insights. Our solutions are designed to advance your research swiftly and effectively, all at the speed of AI.

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