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Prism accelerates learning and the creation of new knowledge. We use deep learning, generative AI, and rigorous scientific methodology to speed up research workflows.

Case Study

Can AI Be Taught Ethics

Read how AI can enhance human judgment by accelerating the understanding of intricate subjects, offering a glimpse into a future where knowledge workers can leverage AI for deeper learning and analysis.

Our solutions

Transform raw documents and data into clear, actionable insights. Our software is designed to advance your research swiftly and effectively, at the speed of AI.

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“Fundamentally, we want it to be practical, something that NIDA or a state government official or somebody new to the research or someone much deeper on one end of the neighborhood versus the other could use.”
Dr. Joshua Lee
Professor at NYU in Population Health and Medicine
"Working with Prism was fast, fun, and painless. I wish all of my projects could be like that!"
Assistant Professor
Canadian R1 University
"My only regret is that we didn’t start working with Prism sooner."
Director of Data Science
Top 3 Pharma Company
"Prism’s information management really is everything you would want."
Executive Director
NIH Research Network
"We already spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research. Prism helps us get more value of it."
VP of Market Access
Top 3 Pharma Company
"We’ve worked with other science and analytics companies, but none of them have the spark that Prism does."
Head of Global Innovation
Top 10 Pharma Company

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