Re-imagining research and business intelligence for biomedicine

Used by top pharma companies and academic researchers, Prism’s configurable data science platform will let you analyze your data to extract 10x the insights at 50x the speed!
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Prism solutions span the R&D lifecycle

What our clients say:

“I’d never seen anything like Prism’s platform. This is a game-changer for our digital health strategy.”
Director, Clinical Innovation
Top 3 Pharma Company
“My only regret is that we didn’t start working with Prism sooner.”
Director, Data Science
Top 3 Pharma Company
“We already spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research. Prism helps us get more value of it.”
Vice President, Market Access
Top 3 Pharma Company
“Prism’s data management really is everything you would want in a platform.”
Executive Director
N.I.H.-funded Research Network
“We’ve worked with other data science and analytics companies, but none of them have the spark that Prism does.”
Head of Global Innovation
Top 10 Pharma Company
“Working with Prism was fast, fun, and painless. I wish all of my projects could be like that!”
Assistant Professor
Canadian R1 University

Benefits of the Prism platform


Specify your data and hypothesis and our platform produces a holistic view of that universe–no data gaps!


Get up and running fast with dynamic analyses and real-time updates. No need to juggle apps or maintain your own software.


Surface insights and drill down on questions with a few clicks. Our UI makes it easy to test and revise hypotheses.


We use transparent data science methods, validated over years of peer review. You can be confident about the conclusions you draw from data.

Explore the platform for yourself

You can experience the look and feel of our product right now by checking out some of these incredible public-facing projects on our platform

Digital Health Technologies in Trials

Opioid-Use Disorder Evidence Map

Landscape of Terminated Trials

In collaboration with Janssen, we replicated and fully automated a 2020 study that estimated the number of trials that use digital health technologies.
A team of researchers at NYU conducted a systematic literature review for all the available evidence on treatments for opioid use disorder. They used Prism’s platform to analyze and disseminate the results.
We created a heuristic-based natural language processing algorithm to analyze and classify all the terminated clinical trials from the past 12 years.

Our Vision

We envision a world where evidence synthesis is always up to date with the latest research data
Where you no longer have to waste time harmonizing data sources, because all that work has been done for you
Where you can immediately drill down and inspect raw data
Where your analysis can automatically update to reflect a change in your hypothesis.
If you share this vision, then let’s start working together to make it a reality!
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