Cambridge, MA (September 27, 2021) – Prism Analytic Technologies, an intelligent evidence synthesis platform specializing in biomedical metadata, is proud to announce the acquisition of Rationally, a software platform for clinical trial evidence synthesis and automated research design. As part of this deal, Rationally founder and CEO Kristin Lindquist will be joining the Prism team as Chief Technology Officer.

Founded in 2020, Prism is growing rapidly at the leading edge of the evidence synthesis space and has already secured a top-tier roster of pharmaceutical and academic institution clients. Prism has developed a flexible metascience engine that allows for the rapid analysis of broad swaths of unstructured and structured data from clinical trial registries, associated literature, and other sources of siloed biomedical research. With the acquisition of Rationally, Prism furthers its capabilities to generate real-time, actionable insights to make clinical research programs more efficient and effective.

“We are incredibly excited to have Kristin on board the Prism team,” said Brendan Guerin, Co-founder of Prism. “We first came across Rationally in July of 2020 and were immediately struck with the sophistication of the platform she was building. After a few conversations, it was immediately clear that there was a strong fit of culture, values, and technology. We could not be happier than to have Rationally as our first acquisition and are excited to opportunistically evaluate additional tuck-in acquisitions to accelerate the development of the Prism platform.”

“We discovered that Rationally and Prism had been on parallel journeys,” added Spencer Hey, Co-founder of Prism. “It was clear from the first conversation just how complementary our technologies and skillsets were – and what a great opportunity this could be if we worked together.”

Founded in 2016, Rationally is a data and analytics company focused on increasing the biomedical signal-to-noise ratio with automated research design and evidence synthesis. The Rationally platform consists of two central technology modules: (1) Rationally Synthesis, which leverages ML classification, inferential statistics, and data visualization to make sense of 300,000+ clinical trial findings and (2) Rationally Workflow, a flexible research design & reporting platform.

"The world invests billions in research, yielding 2+ million new papers each year, yet we invest so little in making sense of the research landscape as a whole. I'm excited to join the Prism team and help up-level evidence synthesis practices across biomedicine and other verticals," said Kristin Lindquist, Founder and CEO of Rationally.


About Prism

Prism, based in Cambridge, MA, is an intelligent evidence synthesis platform specializing in biomedical metadata. We illuminate insights latent in complex, unstructured, and disparate datasets in real time. Prism is powered by our proprietary metascience engine, which unifies and automates the data science process, from extraction to classification to organization to visualization. Prism is a proud member of Johnson & Johnson’s incubator, JLABS.

About Rationally

Rationally, based in Denver, CO, is a software platform focused on increasing the biomedical signal-to-noise ratio with automated research design and evidence synthesis.

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Brendan Guerin

Co-founder, Prism