Cambridge, MA (June 1, 2023) – Prism, an AI-powered, knowledge-creation platform for biomedical research, is excited to announce the appointment of Darren Angle as the new Head of AI.

Since its founding in 2020, Prism (a proud member of Johnson and Johnson’s JLABS incubator) has transformed the extraction, classification, organization, and visualization of complex biomedical datasets using its proprietary metascience engine. With Darren's appointment, Prism strengthens its commitment to leveraging leading-edge AI technologies and driving innovation.

Darren, formerly an AI / LLM Engineering Craft Leader at Shopify, brings extensive expertise in AI technologies, machine learning, and software engineering to Prism. His leadership will amplify Prism's ability to deliver cutting-edge, AI-driven solutions and illuminate real-time insights.

"We are thrilled to welcome Darren to our team," said Spencer Hey, Prism’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer. "Culturally, we’re already seeing how LLM technologies can transform the way we work, think, and use data. With Darren bringing all the experience he had building LLM solutions at Shopify, we’re already delivering powerful new applications of LLMs to biomedical scientists."

The addition of Darren signals Prism's commitment to investing in top talent, advancing its AI capabilities, and delivering transformative solutions to its clients.