Leveraging Knowledge Finder to Maximize Conference Learnings

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Spencer Hey

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April 12, 2024
Minutes to complete my Knowledge Finder library

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Lab of the Future event in Boston, Massachusetts. This was a great experience, tons of thought-provoking presentations and innovative ideas. However, as with many conferences, the sheer volume of information presented across various themes/tracks made it impossible to absorb everything in real-time. This common challenge often results in valuable knowledge slipping through the cracks.

The Challenge of Information Overload at Conferences

Like many conferences, there is so much going on throughout Lab of the Future that it is impossible to attend every session. Even for the sessions you do attend, it is challenging to retain all the information. Like many attendees, I found myself struggling to take comprehensive notes or capture the essence of the presentations while actively engaging with the content.

The Solution: Prism's Knowledge Finder

Fortunately, the organizers provided attendees with access to the speakers' presentations post-event, in the form of PDFs and PowerPoint files. While having the files was beneficial, I knew I could enhance their value significantly using Prism's Knowledge Finder.

Watch the video to see this in action or read on to learn how.

How It Works:

  1. After downloading the presentation files, my first step was to organize them into distinct collections within Knowledge Finder. This organization mimicked the conference's structure, where each collection represented a different topic track. I simply dragged and dropped the presentations into the relevant collections.
  2. Once uploaded, Knowledge Finder's deep learning algorithms began processing the files. These algorithms are designed to analyze and categorize content effectively, making the material more accessible. In less than ten minutes, the tool transformed the raw data into a structured, easy-to-navigate library.
  3. With my library set up, I could utilize Knowledge Finder's semantic search capabilities to locate specific topics or detailed information within the vast array of presentations. This feature is particularly useful for revisiting specific slides or segments without browsing through entire documents.
  4. Knowledge Finder also offers LLM-powered chat functionalities, that allow users to engage with the content more deeply. These tools help distill complex information and lets me integrate insights directly with ongoing projects or research.

A Gateway to Accelerated Learning

Prism's Knowledge Finder not only simplifies the process of managing large volumes of information but also enhances the ability to engage with and utilize this data effectively. It proves to be an invaluable tool for anyone looking to capitalize on conference learnings and accelerate their knowledge acquisition.

As we continue to navigate an ever-growing ocean of information, tools like Knowledge Finder are essential for anyone looking to keep pace with rapid advancements in their field.

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