Industries that need evidence-based answers, fast, need Prism.

Pharma – Prism is tailored for the unique needs of many functional units within pharma organizations.
Biotechnology – Prism frees biotech companies from sifting through databases, so that they can focus on their business.
Academia, Government, and Non-Profits – Prism helps academics conduct systematic reviews and evidence synthesis.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Prism understands that while the needs of Pharma are diverse, the need to make evidence-based decisions at every turn is universal. We’ve developed tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of many functional units within your organization and simplify the process of asking and answering questions.
Trial design for clinical development teams
Market research management for market access teams
Competitive intelligence for marketing teams
Data management for medical affairs teams

Biotechnology Industry

As a biotech company, you need answers and fast. With trials to plan, regulations to navigate and a business to manage, the last thing you need to be doing is logging countless hours sifting through trial registries and approval databases. With Prism, you can save time and avoid the headache of pouring over mind-numbing spreadsheets, publications and databases.
Competitive intelligence
Trial design
Rapid diligence and research justification

Academia, Government, and Non-Profits

Prism’s team includes former academics and non-profit professionals. With decades of experience conducting systematic reviews, scoping reviews and evidence synthesis projects ourselves, our team understands the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to reach the finish line. Let us help you save time and simplify the process.
Systematic and scoping review
Evidence synthesis with Prism Living Review
Public research repository with Prism Living Review