Prism Trial Tracker

Keep on top of clinical trials happening in your therapeutic area of interest, monitor FDA approvals, track relevant publications and more. Customize dashboards to answer the questions of most importance to you.
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Track & analyze the clinical trial landscape in real time

Trial Tracker enables you to track all clinical trials for any disease or domain.

Use cases

Competitive intelligence
Keep tabs on who is conducting and sponsoring clinical trials in your therapeutic area, monitor the stage of trials, what interventions are being tested, FDA approvals and identify top authors and most-cited clinical trials.
Trial design
Identify the design of trials being conducted in your field, including masking, comparators and use of digital health devices to measure outcomes.
Rapid diligence and research justification
Contextually situate your therapeutic agent within the broader clinical trial landscape.

The benefits of Prism Trial Tracker

You can’t wait for months to get answers. With Prism, you get the data and tools you need now.
Real Time Visibility
Monitor the trial landscape as new data, opportunities and strategies emerge.
Test Assumptions
We give you the power to change ontologies, visualizations, filters and more.
Learn and Correct
Our UI helps you understand the data, quickly find errors or outliers and then fix them.

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