Prism Living Review

Conducting an evidence review is a huge amount of work. Don’t let the data and insights you’ve found languish in a spreadsheet.
Chart with bubbles on it, showing change over time

Express the true power of your work

With Living Review, you can transform your findings into a beautiful and easily-accessible publication.

Use cases

Systematic or scoping review
Transform your findings into a living dashboard and link to your publication. Allow your readers to visualize results and drill down on your findings to further examine the included papers.
Evidence synthesis
Avoid lengthy data tables and appendices, engage your audience with interactive, responsive visualizations and data drill-downs. Update your repository with ease and leave lengthy addendums in the past.
Public research repository
Highlight the ongoing state of your research space. Increase visibility, build connections and communicate the importance of your field to the world.

The benefits of Prism Living Review

We can save you a ton of time with automated data “pipelines” that extract new data and add it to your project.
Easy to Update
We provide tools that let you stay on top of new data as it emerges, ensuring that your analysis of the evidence is always up to date.
Intuitive & Impactful
Traditional publications are inherently less impactful than a beautiful, dynamic web page that lets your audience truly experience what you’ve found.
Align Stakeholders
Our work has a proven track record for aligning communities of experts around shared goals.

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If you have completed or are in the midst of conducting a literature/evidence review and want to share your work through a beautiful, dynamic interface, let us know! We can help.
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