Prism Knowledge Management

Drug developers spend millions of dollars creating high-value presentations and research documents for internal use. However, they’re locked away in hard-to-search, unstructured files, leaving them underutilized at best, and at worst in a folder “collecting dust.”
Lists of files

An interactive, searchable database

With Knowledge Management, all your documents are in one interactive database. Save hundreds of hours of manual searching and analyzing.

Use cases

Market access
Teams that present their research findings in slide decks and spreadsheets can compile these into a searchable, knowledge repository, allowing the user to call up all relevant slides and sheets related to a particular concept or question.
Medical affairs
Keep track of field decks and important scientific communications; call up relevant content in seconds. Use Prism Knowledge management to empower your MSLs and keep HCPs informed.
Trial design
Generate insights from your historical trial efforts in real-time. Prism turns large repositories of Clinical Study Reports and Topline Reports from static PDFs into actionable datasets that allow you to design faster, more effective trials.

The benefits of Prism Knowledge Management

Get Smart Quick
Combing through document libraries takes time. With Prism, you get the answers you need in minutes, not months.
Gain Visibility
Quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of past work and make evidence-based decisions for the future.
See your data in a way that makes sense to you. Customize ontologies, visualizations, filters, and more.
Stay Up to Date
Adding new documents in easy with our data pipelines. You’ll always be up to date.

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